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The one

The only new shade rojo tri full fluffy big rope in the world. The One doesn’t carry pied or brindle and is 4 panel health cleared. This boy is quality + DNA in one package. He took first place in the only two categories he was entered in at The World Frenchie Classics in Miami against many other dogs. Winning Best Big Rope puppy and Best Color Big Rope, this boy will have a big impact on the big rope market for 2023.

DNA- ata Dd coco bb kyky nn L1L1

4 Panel Health Clear.

Early intro rate- 15k 3k to lock-in. Once working he will be at 20k + up based off DNA.


Carnage is the first new shade rojo tri big rope carrying fluffy and blue in the world. Carnage is another extremely small big rope with rare DNA. His early intro rate has now expired.

DNA- Ata Dd bb coco kykb nn L1

4 Panel health clear

Now working. Rate- 10k + up based off of females DNA.


Takeoff is another first in the world big rope stud. Takeoff is a black tri merle carrying pink, testable, coco, cream, and blue. Takeoff can create the first pink merle big ropes + new shade/rojo merle big ropes carrying pink in the world. The opportunities are endless with this boy.

DNA- atat Dd Bb COco kykb nn EM/e N/cal

4 panel health clear.

Intro Rate- $6,000 with $2,000 lock-in. Once working Takeoff will be 10k + up based off of DNA.


Royce is a micro new shade Isabella + Tan only weighing 19 pounds. Royce is a quality built new shade Isabella + tan frenchie with incredible athleticism.

DNA: atat dd coco bb n/s

4 Panel Health Clear

Working- $4,500

louis v

Louis V was the first new shade Isabella + tan merle carrying fluffy in the world. He is built extremely well with athleticism like his brother, Royce.

DNA- atat dd coco bb L1

4 Panel Health Clear

Working- $7,500


Gucci is a stunning new shade Isabella platinum carrying fluffy. Gucci can produce new shade platinum fluffys.

DNA- aa bb coco dd ee L1 no pied no brindle

4 Panel Health Clear

Working- 5k + up depending on females DNA

rude boy

Rude Boy is one of the only black + tan studs carrying pink & fluffy. Rude boy can produce first in the world atat pink fluffy frenchies. Rude Boy is a valuable asset to any program because he is small & extremely well put together. Rude boy is off of a 15 pound Floyd daughter tying him back to the Once in a Blue Moon lines. We knew when introducing the pink gene that we wanted to do it the right way. His quality is unmatched for a pink + fluffy carrier.

DNA: atat Dd Cal L1 no pied no brindle

4 Panel Health Clear

Working: 5k + up depending on females DNA.